How to create an effective sales brochure!

How to create an effective sales brochure!

It’s even more important to get that sales collateral ready for when the ‘BACK TO WORK’ button hits GO, and we have some kind of normality return. Make sure you’re prepared; we’ve got some tips on how to create a better brochure.

Getting started

Before you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, make sure you know your customer, and why they would want to buy your service or product. If you’re struggling, talk to your team and your existing clients to find out some answers. Use the results to start putting the bones of content together.

The first few seconds

Create headings and graphics which grab attention, you have only a few seconds for the average reader to decide whether it’s relevant or interesting. Infographics are always a winner and summarising with bullet points ensures you get the main information across.

Aim to get them to respond

Remember the mantra: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action! (AIDA)
Create awareness by relating the copy to their needs to make sure it has enough depth to be interesting and informative. Now you have the interest, create the desire through the benefits and lastly ensure you let them know what the next action is to get the result you’re after!

Give them ways to respond

Be sure your business name and logo are visible, this builds a connection. Give them ways to contact you or get more information. Your website address, email address, phone number should be easily found. What about your social media, is that on there? Another way to engage with the reader would be with QR codes which could take them to your website, a landing page for your offer, or a method to sign up for your newsletter.

How to make the difference and help them pick up the phone

You’ve given them all the ways to respond, but is there anything you can do to make them pick up the phone or order from you? Can you give money back offers, a free trial, provide advice or insight that no one else can offer?

Print or digital?

Decide if your campaign will need masses of brochures or just a few and whether they need to be personalised. Do you need them printed or should it be a pdf to be sent out by email or to download from your website?

Design matters

We’ve already mentioned interesting graphics. You’ll need a professional touch to create an eye-catching brochure that will make an impact, communicate your message and encourage contact. We can help you with that.

Photography is another key area where interest is created, whether that’s produced by you or us, it must be relevant and to a high standard.

Making it happen

We’re here ready to make a real difference to ensure your business has all the tools to produce a successful ‘back to work’ campaign. We can brainstorm ideas and suggestions to get the creative juices flowing. Call or email us.

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