Designing for the digital world

Our world is increasingly reliant on digital technologies. We are connected by computers, phones, and tablets that can link to our TVs, cars, our fridge, our heating system, our place of work, our favourite music and a host of other things. We shop, pay bills, track our bank balance and watch films online. We may monitor our health and fitness and often plan holidays or journeys online. We keep in touch with friends and make new friends online. For many of us our world is online! At least that’s how it feels sometimes, but fortunately we have the choice of pressing the OFF button. It’s good to go offline occasionally.

It may not be obvious, but all this online activity is only made possible by usable, efficient and effective design.

Creativebyte tends to be focused on the creative aspect of marketing in the digital landscape, ensuring that our clients are seen at their best online.

Web design services for recruitment agencies
Small business websites
Ecommerce websites

Website design & build

Web design that works

We have all seen the adverts on TV, designing a website is easy! Or is it?

There are some nifty and cheap tools out there that will enable you to create a website in a few minutes, but you won’t have designed the website, you will have filled in the blanks. Your website will look like a thousand others on the internet and it will only deliver a fraction of its potential, if it delivers at all.

The danger is that if that’s all you think your business is worth then your customers may see the worth of your business the same way, and we don’t believe that any business should take that risk. Professional web design and development removes that element of risk.

Put simply, having the tools and raw material might enable you to design and build a website. Having the skills to use those tools effectively and the vision to plan and create a website that will work, is something entirely different.

As you would expect from seasoned professionals, we take a considered approach to web design. By appreciating your goals and aspirations we can create a website that will fulfil your requirements and expand with your business. An exceptional user experience and search engine friendly design and build are provided as a matter of course, as is the ability to view your site across all types of devices and screen sizes.

Many of our sites are based on ‘open source’ software such as WordPress, which allows for a flexible content management system. By using this approach, you have control of your site and development costs are significantly reduced.

If you have a marketing team we can work closely with them to ensure the website is developed as a tool that will meet your marketing demands. If you don’t have a marketing team, if you wish, we can help you develop a digital marketing strategy so that your efforts and money aren’t wasted.

Ecommerce web design

Digital design beyond a website

Digital design has as greater audience than web sites. Good design is essential in areas such as social media, advertising, email, presentations and electronic documents.

Social media

Every business that uses social media should have high quality branding material to use, it’s important to maintain a consistent look and feel across all marketing channels. We can provide sets of images at the correct size and quality to promote your brand which cover any social media channel that you may use.

Online display adverts

Online display advertising is a challenging area of design where you have a limited amount of space to get your message across and encourage a viewer to visit your site or pick up the phone. Our experienced team of designers know what it takes to get your ds noticed.

Product photography


If you are selling via ecommerce then solid, professional photography will help sell your products much better than quick snaps taken with a phone or compact camera. With our own in-house studio, we have the facilities and skills to ensure your products are displayed at their best.

Promotional email design & delivery

Newsletters that are delivered by email need to be carefully crafted to ensure they are delivered, opened and acted upon. We can design templates that are consistent with your brand and provide you with a service that allows you to create and deliver your own newsletters to your email lists.

Email lists can be created via captured information, for instance via your web site, or you may upload Opt-in lists to our system. Our system checks email lists to ensure they are appropriate and spam free. Email is still a great way to market your business and well-designed newsletters or promotional emails do return good results.


Pitching for business can be a challenge in communication. Having a well thought out and professionally designed presentation can help considerably. A slideshow, often delivered by PowerPoint, is a popular way of walking your audience through your products or services and we are here to help you create something that will make a difference.

Digital beyond design

We are pleased to provide our clients with many associated digital services. Sometimes they are provided by our carefully selected partners so that you get the best possible advice, service and value, but always under our watchful eye.

Hosting & domain provision and management

We can provide reliable hosting at completive rates for customers that commission websites from us. Our service partner has a secure and extremely well connected UK data centre that runs the latest security software. Utilising technologies such as cloud computing your web server is able to scale with your business requirements.


A website requires copy and generally this is left to the client to produce. However, we often find that clients find it hard to come up with suitable text for their website, so we are pleased to provide a copywriting service for you. Writing copy for a website can be a real challenge, so the task shouldn’t be underestimated; it can take up a lot of time and resources if you are not used to writing about your business. Please ask us for a competitive quote if you feel you may need help.

Digital marketing advice, strategy planning and implementation

Many businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to digital marketing. They may realise that it’s worthwhile but there is so much information out there regarding all manner of services it’s hard to know what will work.

We can help you develop a digital strategy that has a good chance of working for your business. Following a similar approach to our brand building methodology, we take the time to know about your business and your aspirations. Then, taking your budget into consideration, we’ll make recommendations about how best to promote your business online.

Some of the tools we may suggest include search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and website data analytics. All of which we are pleased to be able to provide at very competitive rates.

Designing a digital experience

We design for…

Social media profiles
Online advertising campaigns
Promotional email
Digital publications
Digital presentations

Associated web services
Many of our clients seek the full management facilities that we provide and we are pleased to offer the following services to help them fulfil their potential.
Hosting & domain provision and management
Photography (stock, product & location)
Digital marketing advice and strategy planning
Search engine optimisation
Online advertising management
Social media marketing
Content marketing
Website and application data analytics
Video production

Nearly all our creative services are handled in-house, however, we do work closely with our carefully selected partners to ensure you get the specialist knowledge and expertise that you may need. Our aim is to provide you with value for money and the best service possible.

We can handle all your digital design requirements. Call us today on 01202 625 467 to find out how we can help.

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