Design for print is alive and kicking!

With the ever-increasing digital offerings that we are witnessing daily, some might think that the print media is slowly dying! As graphic designers, we can tell you it still has a unique place in the marketing mix.  Printing goes back a long way, maybe as far back as 3000 BC, so it has had plenty of time to mature with refined methods, techniques and materials.

Design for reports
Leaflet design
Brochure design and print

Who uses print?

Print is an integral part of everyday life. Magazines, brochures, packaging and stationery all influence our decisions, much more than many of us would like to admit. Print presents businesses with many opportunities to bring their brand and products to the fore, opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.

Let’s take the all-important business card as an example, which you can casually pass to a potential client at a networking event or show. How else would you share your brand so quickly and easily?

Packaging is extremely important in the retail environment and good design can make a huge difference in sales. Well-designed point of sale material can reinforce a product or service and support sales staff; making them much more productive.

We don’t think print will be replaced any time soon.

Why use print?

With its tactile feel and flexibility, the medium can create personal emotional connections that are hard, if not impossible, to create with any other media. It can give a product gravitas or, equally, a bargain basement quality. It can give a brand authority and a publication impact.

When compared to digital, print has greater longevity. The business card is harder to forget than a conversation, a magazine is easily shared and can still be current long after the publication date. Printed material is believable and tangible giving a real-world experience.

Magazines and newsletters are not only an essential part of communications through words, the graphics and photography provide the sizzle to accompany the editorial. That’s where we can make you shine. The words can jump off the page with skillful typography. Illustrations and information graphics will back up the content of the article, re-enforcing the message. The same principles apply to annual reports. Facts and figures suddenly become useful information that can inspire investors and can provide confidence in your company.

Magazine design and layout

Paper is paper, right?

You’d think so, but there is a massive range of different stock material available and It can be finished in various ways. Designing something truly unique is always possible. We can utilise many techniques to make your brand, product or publication stand out from the crowd.


UV (Ultraviolet) – Often used on matt laminated material to give the very glossy finish, best used as a spot UV on a logo or to create an effect.
Matt/gloss Laminate
Die cut
Laminated card

Other types of print

Thankfully things have moved on from the rolling seals of early Mesopotamia and the wooden block printing of the Chinese Han dynasty. Print is no longer restricted to clay, cloth or paper and today our imagination is pretty much the only boundary!

We can create an incredibly positive impact when we print on other materials. We still see massive advertising hoardings, pop up promotional displays and adverts on buses. We see vehicles that are wrapped completely in a company’s brand or eye catching advert; mobile adverts seen by thousands of people a day. We see print on products, labels and objects.

The opportunities are endless and we are able to bring stunning designs to all these mediums and more. Ask us what we can imagine for you.

Packaging design for products

We provide design services for all types of print projects, including…

Magazine design & layout
Brochure design & layout
Product packaging design
Stationary design
Book design & layout
Leaflet/pamphlet design
Report design & layout

Associated Print Services
We can provide a full service for your print project. This ensures that quality control requirements and timescales are met by managing the whole project in-house.


We can create a cost-effective print solution for you. Call us today on 01202 625 467 to discuss your options.

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