We work with animals too…

We work with animals too…

Occasionally we have a product that might need photographing with an animal… what do they say ‘don’t work with animals and children’. This little working cocker, Chester, loves nothing more than water, we think he might even be part otter.

‘Take 1’ did not go so well, as quick as we put the bandana on him he was gone, straight into the sea. After washing and drying the bandana it was time for another visit to the beach and ‘take 2’, we decided we were not going to make the same mistake and came well prepared, We kept him firmly on the lead to start with and had a regular supply of treats and with a bit of patience we finally we got the shots we needed, we had learn’t our lesson!

As for Chester, the cheeky cocker he had a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the sea… again, here’s to the next time.

If you are interested in buying any of the items from the RNLI and helping to save lives at the same time why not visit their shopping website: https://shop.rnli.org/

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