International Optimist




Creating a new revitalised OP News and Optimist Annual, along with some new logos was Creativebyte’s brief. Throughout this time we kept in constant communication with the client, making sure all timescales and budgets were met. The printed collateral, not only had to be aimed at the kids, but also prospective new parents who were looking to get their children involved in an exciting sport.

The International Optimist Class Association (UK), are the
largest RYA Junior class. With over 2,500 UK children learning to sail every year in an Optimist dinghy. The Optimist class is the place where the overwhelming majority of all Olympic sailors started and in the last 4 Olympic games over
80% of all medals were won by ex-Oppie sailors! As well as a full circuit of regional training they support major international regattas and run 5 Championship Events nationally.

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