Many businesses, especially ‘start ups’ often want to cut corners and keep costs to a minimum. Understanadable, but they think by asking a friend, or doing it themselves with imagery downloaded from the internet and a free logo creator everything will be fine. This is generally a recipe for disaster, a lot of the time they arrive at these decisions because of a lack of knowledge about what graphic designers actually do and how they go about finding a good design agency to work with.


Graphic designers are excellent communicators, they have to firstly research and understand the business, product or message and interpret this in a way that the target audience can appreciate and digest in a concise manner. They need to make sure your brand has a professional feel and stands out in the market place, and importantly from your competitors. In essence professional graphic designers create with imagery and typography across a range of media such as conventional print, websites and the internet, point of sale material, exhibition and video etc. Good graphic design will work across all mediums seamlessly to enhance and promote growth for any business.


Is your brand doing the business?

If your business has a lot of competition, professionally created branding is essential. It’s imperative your brand looks good, the tone of your copywriting/voice is appropriate, your company logo, website and marketing materials, colours and fonts used all have the desired effect on how your company is perceived. A professional graphic designer will assemble all these elements to ensure the branding is memorable, conveys trust and achieves a positive reaction.

Use your time effectively

Good design doesn’t happen just like that, it’s a combination of a lot of time, specialist skills, training and practice. It generally takes years to master the software needed to complete all your graphic design work to a professional standard. Graphic designers will already have all this knowledge and expertise, not to mention the expensive programs needed, leaving you to concentrate on running a successful business.

Keeping up with technology

Over the last few years the internet has grown in importance to practically every type of business, and now with a surge in small screen mobile usage, plus the arrival of wearable technology todays audiences, especially the young, aren’t willing to spend time reading your message unless its delivered quickly. Using a graphic designer with a good knowledge of digital marketing, who can adapt and create effective campaigns using images and graphics to reduce the amount of text will be vital to your success as technology keeps on changing.

Keeping it consistent

It’s important to maintain a consistent message throughout all your internal and external communications. There is nothing worst than your brand conveying confusion or a lack of direction, this will not leave your audience with confidence, they will not be engaged and simply switch off and move on. A professional graphic designer will make sure all the fonts, colours and layouts conform to guidelines across all media. The brand guide is a very important tool for all your employees and suppliers. Helping them to keep a consistent tone of voice and attention to detail throughout.

Experience and knowledge you can rely on

For all of your printing requirements, use an experienced graphic designer who can organise this for you. He will get quotes, decide on the correct stock and appropriate printing techniques saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes. He will also know what files to supply making sure they are the correct resolution and print ready. Many of these techniques and requirements take years of training and experience to get correct, trying to sort print and the supply of digital files yourself will undoubtebly be more costly and damage your business image. These days, quite often professional graphic designers will also arrange or produce your imagery/photographs in-house, this way they can ensure they are of a high quality and suitable for either the web or print.

Creative thinking

If you are about to start a new project or campaign, you might want to think about asking your graphic agency to be involved from the start, graphic designers will have spent many years learning to think creatively and outside of the box, you might find they can help you come at the project or problem from a whole new direction.

A sense of pride

Hiring professional graphic designers is definitely money well spent, not only will your external communications produce more results/sales, but ensuring your internal communication materials follow style, reinforcing a quality brand, will fill your employees with a sense of pride and belief their company will be successful. This often has beneficial effects on your employees making them feel more content and improving their desire to work harder.

Call to action

In todays world, communicating effectively across all forms of media means hiring a professional graphic designer can only make a positive difference to making your business a success. Don’t be let down by poor graphics and an inconsistent message, trying to save money here will ultimately be more costly in the long run… contact creativebyte now 01202 625467 and lets start making a difference.

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