How a professional newsletter can benefit your business

How a professional newsletter can benefit your business

The newsletter has been an essential part of the marketing toolkit for a long time now, but that in no way means it has become redundant. It may have been over shadowed by all the hype around social media, but in recent studies 90% of customers preferred to receive company information/updates by newsletters as opposed to only 10% by social media. The good old newsletter is still a very cost effective tool for keeping in regular contact with existing customers and generating new business with potential prospects. Many people still prefer the touch and feel of a printed newsletter to a digital version, this may also be determined by specific target audiences or costs involved. But we are finding most companies are now producing a digital and printed newsletter especially now technology has made the printing of short runs far more affordable.

A successful newsletter can help raise a company’s profile and put them firmly ahead of their competitors, but to do this, it must have valuable and relevant content, important up-to-date news, research, launch dates for new products and events and it all needs to be appropriate to your market audience. As well as the content your newsletter needs to look and feel professional, it should follow your branding from the use of fonts, colour, imagery and not forgetting tone of voice.

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As well as creating awareness and confidence, the newsletter is a great tool for promotion, whether thats a service or a product. If you are currently running an advertising campaign, traditional or social media the newsletter can reinforce that message and include more detailed information which may not included within your advertising. The use of special offers, competitions, links and call to actions will also increase the effectiveness of a newsletter.

 The use of a regular newsletter whether thats monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly can definitely help with customer retention and generating new business. Integrating a newsletter with your website is also a great way of capturing new prospects by inviting them to sign up to future newsletters.


At creativebyte we have many years experience producing professional newsletters for companies big and small. We offer an initial free no obligation discussion, we are happy to work to an hourly or date rate, a  budget if you have one, or can provide you with a full estimate.

If you would like some more information on how creativebyte can help you create a newsletter to help grow your business, give us a call on 01202 625467.

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