Cellecta Adverts and Poster Campaign

Cellecta Adverts and Poster Campaign

Creativebyte have just completed the latest advertising campaign for Cellecta and one of their key products ‘Yellofon”. The campaign is to run across magazine advertisements, posters and billboards. They wanted something a little different and to emphasise the fact they have now sold over 8.5 million square metres. In total so far there are 6 different adverts based on sport and the equivalent coverage of the pitches, tracks and courts etc. They have been designed to work seemlessly across portrait, landscape and multiple sizes, right up to billboards.

Below are some images to illustrate how they could work in different environments.


below shows all 6 adverts on a tube escalator


another image illustrating the ‘football pitch’ advert on a back lit display


All 6 adverts…


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