Creating a successful brand

Creating a successful brand

Creating a successful brand is so much more than just a pretty logo

To create a successful brand, it’s important firstly to understand what a brand is. Thinking it’s just the latest buzz word to describe your logo is wrong. Your logo and identity are definitely a major part, it is important that it is created by professional graphic designers, but we believe there is a lot more to it. A brand is your overall image, making sure you are consistent across all media, your tone of voice is appropriate in what you say and how your audience feel and think about you. Make sure you leave them with a positive reaction.

What’s your USP?

If you haven’t got a USP (unique selling point) then perhaps you should create one. What makes you stand out from your competition should also be part of your branding philosophy. If you take five companies, four of them offering the same kind of message and feel throughout their branding, then chances are the target audience will be naturally drawn to the one brand that stands out, offering a slightly different but engaging experience.

Research your audience

Its no good creating what might appear like a great brand on paper, only to find it does not achieve a positive reaction from your customers. You need to know as much about your target audience as possible, what are their habits, what do they expect, what do they like and dislike, what are the most successful platforms to engage with them on. All these elements need to be reflected in your imagery, colour schemes and tone of voice to create a fruitful experience. It’s also a great idea to get feedback, importantly direct from your customers, not just associates, family or friends, this will not only help to keep them engaged, but the data can prove invaluable to help your business stay on top, or improve on areas that are not working as well as they should.

Staying consistent

Keeping everything consistent is so important in creating a familiar brand. Your tone of voice, what you say and the way it is replicated, whether it is your signage or exhibition graphics, your stationery or direct mail, your logo and advertising, your audience need to feel they are all part of the same successful brand. Customers are bombarded every day with hundreds of brands, if you are not offering them a coherent and consistent message and feel, how are they expected to distinguish yours amongst your competitors?

Building trust

A priority is to convey trust to your audience. Ask yourself would you do business with someone you do not trust? Think about your tone of voice throughout all of your marketing collateral, is it appropriate? Make sure what you say, you will do, do well and to the best of your ability, not only the first time, but every time. If you can offer your customers a great service they will begin to rely on you, achieving greater customer retention, leading ultimately to more profit.

Work with professionals

Ensure you work with experienced graphic designers to get the best results. There is nothing worse than  having a great product only to be let down by poor branding, in the long run this will not save money and could prove costly. If you are already using a creative agency, make sure they are on the same page as you, they have taken the time to fully understand your proposition. Ask yourself are they enthusiastic, full of ideas and advice, do they offer truthful feedback, even if its not quite what you wanted to hear, do they challenge you, make you think outside of the box? If the answer is no, why not give creativebyte a ring on 01202 625467, we offer a free consultation, and you never know we just might be able to help make sure your brand is a winner.

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